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What to Do Before Your Divorce

Tips from Skilled Divorce Attorneys in Los Angeles

Are you facing a divorce in Los Angeles and are unsure where to start? It's vital that you understand the basics of the divorce process and assemble your team to help you through this difficult time. Backed by legal knowledge and assistance, a difficult process can be made smoother, and you can be confident that you're making the right decisions.

Practical Steps to Take Before Filling

Prior to filing, we advise you to read as much material on California divorce law as possible. Well-informed clients are better able to assist their attorneys in a case, helping to make a favorable result more likely. It also helps discussing your options with your Los Angeles divorce attorney.

At Castellanos & Associates, APLC we advise many clients who are preparing for divorce to:

  1. Open a new checking and savings account at a different bank, and keep it separate from any joint accounts you may have with your spouse.
  2. Open a post office box so you can receive confidential mail from consulting divorce attorneys. In addition, any new credit card or bank statements can be forwarded your post office box rather than having them sent to your home.
  3. Begin the process of gathering some important financial records such as tax returns for the past 5 years. You can learn more at how to prepare for your initial consultation on this web site.
  4. Open new credit cards solely in your name to begin to establish credit.
  5. Begin documenting all of your personal property.

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Castellanos & Associates, APLC provides a free initial consultation to prospective clients. We can even advise people who need help with more specialized aspects of law in Los Angeles, such as the standard family law restraining orders that prohibit certain financial transactions at the beginning of your divorce.

It's highly advised that you consult with a Los Angeles divorce lawyer before making any changes to your financial status, property, or business matters before initiating the proceedings. Some actions you may take may be forbidden in court and could hurt your case.

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