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Blog Posts in December, 2013

  • Can I Change my Name During Divorce?

    || 10-Dec-2013

    The Huffington Post today reported that Jennifer Lopez is formally requesting to restore her legal name from “Jennifer Muniz” to “Jennifer Lopez” in her pending divorce from singer Marc Anthony. Apparently, “Muniz” is Mr. Anthony’s legal birth name. If you have filed for divorce in Los Angeles, or if you are thinking about dissolving your marriage, then ...
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  • How to Divide Life Insurance During Your Los Angeles Divorce?

    || 7-Dec-2013

    Earlier this week, we published a post on how to divide life insurance in a divorce case in California. We thought we would take a second look and try to give you a better understanding of the conflicting results reached among Judges in California and how a family law court in Los Angeles County may approach this issue during your divorce. There are two distinct approaches courts in California ...
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  • In California, there is a difference of opinion on the characterization of term life insurance policies during divorce. When attempting to characterize term life insurance proceeds, it is helpful to understand the basic difference between a “whole” life insurance policy and a “term” life insurance policy. In a “whole” life insurance policy, we typically think in ...
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