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Residency Requirements for a California Divorce

Posted By Edwin Castellanos || 28-Jan-2013

Fundamentals of the Divorce Process

Residency Requirements For A California Divorce

There are residency requirements for a California divorce (“marital dissolution” in California). In order to file for dissolution of marriage in California, one of the spouses must have:

  • Lived in California for at least six (6) months, and
  • Lived in the county where the case will be filed for three (3) months before the filing of the petition.

There is no residency requirement for a nullity or legal separation case. There is also no residency requirement for a California-registered domestic partnership. However, an out-of-state domestic partnership may be subject to the residency requirement in California when dissolving a domestic partnership that was established out of state.

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Source: Read California Family Code Section 2320

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