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Blog Posts in April, 2015

  • Is your marriage valid?

    || 28-Apr-2015

    On occasion, a husband or wife may question the validity of their marriage. One spouse may believe that a valid marriage exists while the other is convinced that a marriage is either invalid or has been properly dissolved. If one spouse contends that a valid marriage still exists then under California Family Code §309 a party can file suit to have the court determine the validity of the ...
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  • Can you change your Career when you have a current support order?

    || 13-Apr-2015

    In California, child support orders follow a statutory “guideline” amount. A guideline child support amount utilizes a computer system (the “dissomaster”) that considers various factors to calculate the amount one parent owes in child support. There are important factors that affect a child support amount which includes the amount of custodial time spent with the children ...
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