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Can I keep my married name once I get Divorced?

Posted By Castellanos & Associates, APLC || 23-Feb-2015

You absolutely can keep your married name once you get divorced. Put more simply, names remain the same if you don't take affirmative steps to change them.

When you first married and filled out a marriage license application, you needed to take affirmative steps to change your last name. Without specifically requesting a name change on the application or in a separate request later on, your name remains the same.

Similarly, you need to take affirmative steps after divorce if you want to change your name. Otherwise, you can keep your married name as long as you want. If at some point you want to change your name after divorce, you would need to do so through the superior court of the county you reside in by making an ex-parte request. Family Code §§ 2080-2082; see also California Code of Civil Procedure § 1276(a). This will restore your birth name or former name. If you do not complete these steps your married name will remain the same.
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