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Can I Change My Name During Divorce in California?

Los Angeles Divorce Lawyers

Are you thinking about dissolving your marriage? Have you already filed for divorce in Los Angeles? Then you may also be wondering if you can request to change your name at the same time you file for divorce, or perhaps after the divorce has been finalized.

You may have heard when Jennifer Lopez formally requested to restore her legal name from "Jennifer Muniz" to "Jennifer Lopez" when she divorced singer Marc Anthony, whose legal birth name is "Muniz". But celebrities are no longer the only ones changing their names in a divorce.

California law permits a husband and wife to change their names at the time they file their divorce petition or nullity proceeding. The judgment for marital dissolution can order that either spouse have their former name restored, under California Family Code Section 2080.

Forgot to make this request when you filed for divorce? You can also request to restore your former name at any time before entry of a divorce (or annulment) judgment. Therefore, if you forget to include the request in your initial pleadings or divorce documents, then you can make the request before entry of the judgment (which is when your divorce is finalized).

Already divorced? Even if you already obtained the judgment dissolving your marriage, you can file a post-judgment ex parte application to restore your former name. (You will find reference to this in California Family Code Sections 2080 and 2082). To restore your name post-judgment, you prepare Judicial Council Form FL-395. There are no filing fees for this form.

Legal Name Changes in Los Angeles: Get Help from a Family Lawyer Attorney

If you need help with your divorce or legal separation, or if you need assistance preparing a post-judgment Ex Parte Application For Restoration Of Former Name, then contact one of the Los Angeles divorce attorneys from Castellanos & Associates, APLC today. Our attorneys provide a free initial consultation to start discussing your case in a confidential setting.

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