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Determining Child Custody in L.A.

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Child custody issues are some of the most difficult and heated family law matters. We understand the desire of families to find the best solution for their children and we recognize that this desire can be compounded by strong emotional ties that might make it difficult to make such a serious decision.

Why Choose Our Custody Lawyers?

Whether your imminent divorce has forced you to establish a child custody arrangement, or you need to modify a current custody plan, Castellanos & Associates, APLC can help you work through this legal matter in a timely and affordable manner. Se habla Español.

Your Child's Best Interests Are Our Priority

If you and your spouse are unable to determine a plan as you go through the divorce process, the court will step in and make the decision for you. Ultimately, a judge will make a decision based on what is best for the child. With our legal team of Los Angeles divorce attorneys on your side, you can rest assured that we are working toward a solution that best suits your child's needs.

The court system will generally consider the following when deciding custody:

  • Health, safety, and welfare of the child
  • Parents' history of domestic violence or substance abuse
  • Nature and amount of contact with each parent
  • Child's ties to school, home, community, and other family in the area
  • Ability of each parent to care for the child
  • Age and health of the child

Don't face the court system alone when it comes to your child custody case. Call our firm to speak with one of our Los Angeles family lawyers who can serve you and your family.