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Property Division Attorney in Los Angeles

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Are you separated or currently going through a divorce? Our Los Angeles family law attorneys can help you make sure you rights are being protected. We pride ourselves in delivering affordable, trusted representation and can help you protect your assets.

California is a community property state. This means that the court is responsible for "equally" dividing all marital property. The problem is that they can often mislabel property as "community property" when it is actually "separate property." Having an experienced divorce attorney on your side can help ensure that your property is correctly divided in your divorce.

Why Choose Our Firm?

No property division matter is too complex for our firm. Our experienced attorneys can guard your interests, whether your case involves personal keepsakes, retirement plans, royalties, copyright ownership, real estate, businesses, or complex financial assets.

Our Los Angeles family law attorneys are committed to providing affordable legal services without sacrificing quality and integrity in practice. Call us to discuss your options!

How Is Property Divided in Los Angeles?

All quasi-community assets and liabilities and all marital community are split equally in California and other community property states. Regardless, the court does not have to be mathematically precise when dividing each and every asset of the community estate.

Rather, after liabilities have been assumed, the court must equally award each party the leftover assets. If you learn later on that an asset was not included in the initial ruling, you have the legal right to file a post-judgment motion.

The War of the Roses: Property Division

In the dark comedy War of the Roses, Oliver and Barbara Rose ended their 17-year marriage in a contested battle over the family home. Unfortunately, the Rose's onscreen property dispute resulted in tragedy. While that is a fictional, extreme account, the fact remains that a litigated divorce can be very costly, both financially and emotionally.

A property division battle in court could stifle your ability to move ahead in life. At Castellanos & Associates, APLC, we have the experience to balance the need to assert your rights, with the need to preserve your future through a swift and amicable process.

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