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Legal separation is an alternative to getting a divorce, or the first step toward one. The grounds for getting a legally valid separation in Los Angeles are the same as for a divorce: irreconcilable differences or incurable insanity. This is a solid option to consider when you want to end your marriage, whether there are religious or other objections to a divorce, or you are waiting to fulfill the residency requirement for a California divorce.

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Want an alternative to divorce?

When people choose a divorce or marital dissolution, they want to end the marriage and have their status restored as a single person. When you go through a legal separation, however, this does not terminate your marriage. While you or a court will have to sort through financial responsibilities and custody issues, your marriage and legal status as spouses will not change.

When you and your spouse agree to a legal separation, you have the ability to determine all issues in the same manner as you would during a marital dissolution proceeding. What that essentially means is you can have the court make orders regarding property, child custody, and support just as you would during a traditional divorce.

Waiting to get a divorce?

In California, there is a 6-month residency requirement before you can file for a divorce, plus a 6-month waiting period. You might be able to shorten this period by first filing for a legal separation, which has no residency requirement. After you have resided in California long enough, you could then change your separation petition to one for divorce. By that time, you can have already sorted through all property and custody details, simplifying the process from there on out.

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