Shriver Familly Law Project: Child Custody and Parenting Education in Los Angeles

Shriver Familly Law Project: Child Custody and Parenting Education in Los Angeles

In an earlier post published on July 1st, we were pleased to inform you about a new parenting education program available at the Los Angeles Superior Court, Stanley Mosk Courthouse in downtown Los Angeles. That particular program is aimed at young parents between the ages of 13 and 24 years of age and is entitled “Young Parents, Bright Futures.” Today, I am pleased to provide you with some additional information on another parenting education course available at the Family Law Court in downtown LA, which is being made available through the Shriver Family Law Project.

Our understanding is the new Shriver Family Law Project will help parents with the following:

  • Develop techniques on improving communication with the other parent
  • Lessons on reducing conflict so you can work more effectively with the other parent
  • Engaging in discussion, interactive exercises, videos, and an optional on-line program
  • Separate classes are available for you and the other parent

The NEW parenting education classes are FREE and will be made available to low-income parents dealing with custody cases in downtown Los Angeles. If you are involved in a child custody dispute in Los Angeles, and if you need to get more info on the Shriver Family Law Project you can call their office directly at: (213) 625-1044.

In light of all of the recent state budget cuts, it’s heartening that programs like these are being funded to help families with custody issues at the Family Law Court in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, if you need to find out about more help that may be available to you within Los Angeles County, we hope you will continue to check out our Los Angeles Divorce Lawyer Resources page on our informational website.

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