Support Locks of Love Week

Support Locks of Love Week

A few years ago, Jojo saw a flyer at my house which was an advertisement for St. Jude’s Hospital. The children pictured on the advertisement were bald. Very concerned, Jojo asked me why these children did not have any hair. I explained that the children in the picture had cancer, and the medicine they received to attack the cancer was so strong that it made their hair fall out. Jojo was so moved that she wanted to help in any way possible. I introduced her to LOCKS OF LOVE.

After hearing how LOCKS OF LOVE helps children with their hair loss, Jojo wanted to donate her hair. Jojo did donate, but continued to think of more ways of helping these children on a larger scale. Jojo then dreamed of having a special LOCKS OF LOVE event at her school, Brooklyn Elementary School. Jojo thought that she could ask local hair stylists to come to the school and offer free haircuts to those that wished to donate their hair to LOCKS OF LOVE. I was impressed at her plan so I contacted the principal at Brooklyn. Unfortunately, although the principal liked the idea, the school district gave a thumbs down as there was not enough insurance to hold such an event at the school. The district mentioned that having the minor children around scissors was an accident waiting to happen.

I did not want Jojo’s dream to end before it actually began so I got in touch with Gary Bryan at K-Earth 101. He too was very impressed with Jojo’s idea. Gary Bryan and K-Earth helped partner with Super Cuts and Paul Mitchell hair products, and LOCKS OF LOVE WEEK was born. We are now celebrating our 5th anniversary of LOCKS OF LOVE WEEK. With the help of K-Earth 101, Super Cuts, and Paul Mitchell hair products, Locks of Love Week has successfully donated thousands of inches of hair so wigs can be made for children that are dealing with medical hair loss. This year, the event will take place June 6-12, 2016.

Jojo continues to be amazed at how many inches of hair is donated to LOCKS OF LOVE because of her dream to help these children with medical hair loss. Every year, she asks how she can make this event bigger and better to donate more hair than the year before!

During Locks of Love Week, any person that donates at least 10” of hair will receive a free haircut and a free Paul Mitchell hair brush. This year will mark Jojo’s third time donating her hair since 2011. 2016 will also mark my third donation in 6 years. Thank you all in advance!