Want to get remarried but not divorced yet?

Want to get remarried but not divorced yet?

Due to many factors, the process of getting a divorce is slow and time consuming and may take years to finalize. This may not sit well for those who want to get remarried or simply want to move on with their lives and return to their status as a single person.

Fortunately, one option that separated parties can take to speed up the process of dissolving their marital status is through a process called “bifurcation,” which means to separate the legal issues in a case. This is also referred to as a “status only” bifurcation request.

Bifurcation is a useful tool for someone that wants to end their status as a married person as quickly as possible. In a nutshell, in order to get a “status only” bifurcation, a moving party would have to tell the Court that reconciliation is not possible and it is in the parties’ best interests to dissolve the marriage without delay. The other matters in a case will still have to be litigated or settled upon at a later time.

For policy reasons, the Court will usually approve requests for bifurcation, as this will help make clear what is separate and community property, alleviates emotional strain on parties and promotes settlement on other issues. However, there are forms that you must file with the Court to ensure your bifurcation is granted.

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