Dissolution When Parties Still Live Together

Dissolution When Parties Still Live Together

The date of separation in a divorce is the date spouses begin to live in separate homes, and at least one spouse notifies the other of the end of the relationship. Many people wonder if they can still seek a divorce, even when they continue to live together, and this concern results in various questions, such as: how will the court determine the date of separation? How does this affect spousal support? The date of separation is very important because, after this date, a spouse’s earnings and purchases are his or hers only. There are many factors the court will use to figure out the date of separation, as you or your spouse must show there has been a complete and final break in the marriage.

The courts will consider a number of factors, such as:

  • Did you stop going on dates?
  • Did you stop sleeping in the same bedroom?
  • Did you continue to have joint accounts?
  • Did you notify your family and friends of the separation?

Though these are critical issues to consider, parties can still divorce even while living together, as you may stipulate by written agreement the date of separation. The court can also enter a status-only judgment, where parties divorce before resolving other issues in their divorce, such as custody or support. Often, people continue to live together for financial reasons, in which case, you can continue to live under the same roof. In certain circumstances, you may request spousal support, or for your spouse to pay for the household expenses in lieu of support.

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