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  • Dissolution When Parties Still Live Together

    || 19-Oct-2017

    The date of separation in a divorce is the date spouses begin to live in separate homes, and at least one spouse notifies the other of the end of the relationship. Many people wonder if they can still seek a divorce, even when they continue to live together, and this concern results in various questions, such as: how will the court determine the date of separation? How does this affect spousal ...
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  • Hints, Tips & Plans to Stay Safe If You Encounter Domestic Violence

    || 1-Sep-2017

    Many incidents of domestic violence, especially those carried out by first-time offenders of this crime, occur with little to no warning. A heated argument is often the only precursor to the danger that can result in the physical, sexual, or psychological harm of someone. In other instances, domestic violence occurs regularly, as it has become an unfortunate and abusive part of a family’s or ...
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  • California Changes Parenting Plan Agreements in Divorce and Paternity Cases

    || 23-Jan-2017

    As of November 1 st, 2016, parenting plans filed after mediation with Family Court Services (FCS) may give parents the choice to designate a final agreement for child custody and visitation. Through this option, parents in divorce and paternity cases may elect to finalize an agreement to include in their judgment. Parties will also waive their right to a trial on the issues of child custody or ...
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  • Modern Family Actress Sofia Vergara Sued By Her Own Embryos?

    || 23-Dec-2016

    In 2014, Hollywood actress Sofia Vergara, who is perhaps most-famous for her role in the sitcom Modern Family, was sued by her ex-fiancé, Nick Loeb, for custody of her two frozen embryos. The lawsuit raised interesting and controversial questions about when paternity rights began. Not to be deterred by that lawsuit’s lackluster performance in the courts, Loeb has once again sued ...
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  • Angelina Jolie Files for Sole Custody, Not Shared Parenting

    || 17-Oct-2016

    Just about everyone was or acted shocked when they heard that Angeline Jolie and Brad Pitt – Hollywood power couple “Brangelina” – were divorcing. But for all the family lawyers of the world, some of the details of the divorce left them scratching their heads more than hanging their jaws. Specifically, the fact that Jolie had requested sole custody of all six children was ...
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  • Want to get remarried but not divorced yet?

    || 8-Jul-2016

    Due to many factors, the process of getting a divorce is slow and time consuming and may take years to finalize. This may not sit well for those who want to get remarried or simply want to move on with their lives and return to their status as a single person. Fortunately, one option that separated parties can take to speed up the process of dissolving their marital status is through a process ...
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  • What is an Annulment?

    || 30-Jun-2016

    There are many differences between an annulment and a divorce or legal separation in California. An annulment is equivalent to an invalid marriage, in other words it is as if the marriage never existed. As a result, community property rights and responsibilities no longer apply. In California, people can divorce at any time after marriage. Annulments differ as the party will need to establish a ...
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  • Support Locks of Love Week

    || 9-Jun-2016

    A few years ago, Jojo saw a flyer at my house which was an advertisement for St. Jude’s Hospital. The children pictured on the advertisement were bald. Very concerned, Jojo asked me why these children did not have any hair. I explained that the children in the picture had cancer, and the medicine they received to attack the cancer was so strong that it made their hair fall out. Jojo was so ...
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  • Mental Abuse Can Be Considered Domestic Violence

    || 29-Jan-2016

    Domestic violence is the abuse of someone in a close or intimate relationship. The abuse can be verbal, physical or a combination of both. A party being abused can seek Domestic Violence Restraining Order to protect himself or herself from another party. California Courts have described verbal/emotional abuse as “acts that destroy the mental or emotional calm of the other party” and ...
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